Python Classes and objects

What is a Class

How to Define/Create a Class

Class Level variables

Instance Level variables

Difference between Class level variables and Instance level variables

Special Method __init__ usage of this special method in Python.

Create Instance of a class

Create Line Graph, Bar Chart and Pie Chart using Python library


  • Some understanding of functions/methods


Class made Simple. A real simple explanation of class in Objected Oriented Programming languages such as Python. This lecture will teach you all you need to know about crating/defining a class. You will understand what is a class in Object Oriented Language? How to create Instance of a class.

You will also learn about Class Level Variables versus Instance Level Variables. Difference between Class Level Variables and Instance Level Variables. How and when to use Class Level Variables versus Instance Level Variables. Difference between Methods and Functions. Are they really different? Special Method __Init__ in Python. What is so special about this method and how is this method used. Why this method makes your life easier?

Why use a class? Class gives you the flexibility of defining your own data types. Class allows you to group similar data under a class and give class a meaningful name that best describes your data and business needs.

Class is a blue print that is used to create one or more instances of a class. Creating instances of a class allows, reusing elements of a class without the need for re-defining. You will learn techniques to reduce code redundancy. You will learn to develop leaner and simple code. More about this in the lecture.

You will also learn to create Line graphs, Bar charts and Pie charts using Python libraries. You will learn to add Titles. Legend, Labels, Grids and custom colors to your graphs.

Who this course is for:

  • Python developers who wish to understand Class, Instance of a Class, Class Level vs Instance level variables

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