Performance Testing using Gatling – Beginner Level

Learn performance testing using Gatling

Gatling Recorder with detailed explaination of each option

Gatling Development Environment Setup and Script basics

Script Creation & Enhancement

Workload creation in Gatling with basics of workload modelling

Gatling test report structure and metrics in detail


  • Knowledge required to do performance testing from Gatling tool is covered from scratch – hence you are good to go even if you are a beginner in testing or development
  • Basic knowledge of any programming language is good to have


Ensuring user experience when an application gets live is always critical and so is Performance testing. Performance testing already rules the testing domain, and as the trends say, it will remain crucial for businesses. Following Darwin’s theory, it is evolving and adapting to the needs of these days organizations. One cannot afford to stay behind and hence should embrace tools and technologies which meet testing demands of today’s app and environment.

Gatling comes in flying colours as it is powerful and perfect for DevOps environment. Once you know about Gatling, you will love to reap its benefits over traditional performance testing tools.

This course has been designed by two industry experts who excel in the field of performance testing backed by years of experience on complex applications. We have curated this course in such a manner to make our students learn in the simplest way possible. We understand that to learn any new concept hands-on is a must. Keeping this in mind our tutorials first make you comfortable with the concept and then we do a hands-on activity. We have picked real-life examples to demonstrate concepts.

We believe a good learner will always do by their hand and will surely come up with challenges. We are there to answer your queries and look into your issues whenever needed. You will love your decision to learn Gatling and picking our course.

Best of luck and happy learning!!

Who this course is for:

  • Testers, Developers, Test Managers
  • Anyone who wants to implement performance testing in personal or enterprise project
  • Anyone who is already doing traditional performance testing but wants to switch to a tool which matches the ongoing trends in software industry
  • Anyone who wants to reap benefits of powerful performance testing tool – Gatling

Course content

8 sections • 43 lectures • 3h 10m total lengthExpand all sections

Setting the stage5 lectures • 12min

  • Performance Testing Goals05:06
  • Gatling Introduction and Features03:26
  • Course Overview and Approach02:56
  • Questions and Feedback00:38
  • Useful Resources00:00

Get Started2 lectures • 8min

  • Install Gatling05:07
  • Bundle Structure03:14
  • Bundle Structure Quiz1 question

Gatling Recorder6 lectures • 23min

  • What you will learn in this Section01:06
  • Recorder UI01:08
  • Recorder Mode – HTTP Proxy08:19
  • Recorder Mode – HAR Converter04:43
  • Recorded Simulation Structure05:32
  • Run Recorded Simulation02:05
  • Recorder UI3 questions

Gatling Script Development Environment10 lectures • 28min

  • Development Environment – What you Need04:31
  • Create Gatling Project using Maven03:47
  • Understand Project Structure03:03
  • Create First Script – Let’s Start00:49
  • Create First Script – Add package and imports02:00
  • Create First Script – Class declaration and HTTP Config02:27
  • Create First Script – Add Scenario definition02:50
  • Create First Script – Add HTTP Header05:03
  • Create First Script – Add Simulation definition01:21
  • Create First Script – Run completed script01:58
  • Gatling Simulation Structure5 questions

Gatling Script Enhancement10 lectures • 1hr 15min

  • What you will learn in this Section01:38
  • Record a Script07:32
  • Pause Time08:45
  • Silent Requests and Resources09:20
  • Checks – Part 110:50
  • Checks – Part 208:37
  • Assertions09:08
  • Clearing Cache and Cookies02:30
  • Feeders12:44
  • Loops03:56

Simulation Setup2 lectures • 17min

  • User load simulation- Think before you script03:08
  • Load Simulation Using Gatling13:52
  • Simulation Setup2 questions

Gatling Performance Test Reports3 lectures • 15min

  • What you will learn in this Section01:40
  • Report Generation and Structure03:12
  • Gatling Performance Metrics in Detail10:01

Are you Gatling ready? Check yourself!5 lectures • 12min

  • Final Assignment- do it all05:21
  • Thank You00:56
  • References Used00:01
  • What Next – Gatling Advanced Level Course01:54
  • What you will learn in Gatling advanced level course03:55