Part 2 – Learn Django by Building Invoice Management System

Python and Django Framework


  • Part 1 of this course, titled: Learn Django by building Invoice Management System


This is part 2 of 3 of the course “learn Django by building an Invoice Management System course”. This course will take off from where Part 1 ends to continue the development of the complete Invoice Management System.

This course will cover several concepts of Python and Django framework while building the Invoice Management System.

We will cover a brief demo of the application to be built in this course. Please refer to Part 1 for the complete Demo of the Application

First I will take you through what we are expected to build in this course.

Right after a short demo, we will dive into the steps by step building of the invoice management system for you to have a hands-on building a real-world application with python and Django and to better understand how to code.

These are the topics covered in this course:

Lecture 1: App demo

This is a brief demo of the application to be built in the tutorials. Again please check on Part 1 for a full demo that showed the full application and its features.

Lecture 2: Advance form rendering with Crispy forms

Lecture 3: Using one navbar for all pages

Lecture 4: Listing Objects from Database into a table

Lecture 5: Making a Search Form and Querying Data

Lecture 6: Data Validation making sure users input clean data into the application

Lecture 7: Updating Data stored in the application

Lecture 8: Deleting Data and Confirming

Lecture 9: Django Choice Fields

Lecture 10: Adding User Notification

Lecture 11: Slicing Data – Displaying Recent Invoices

Lecture 12: Adding jQuery and jQuery-UI to Django

Wow! after covering all these lectures, you are ready for Part 3

Keep Coding 🙂

Who this course is for:

  • Any student interesting in web devepment

Course content

2 sections • 12 lectures • 1h 56m total length