Julia – Future Python

Julia Basic to Intermediate

Julia Code, Loops, Conditions, Plots, Date Time, File System, Statistics package


  • Basic Programming Knowledge


In this course you are going to learn Basic Julia to Intermediate Julia Programming in less than 2 Hourse.

Course Content:

Why is Julia build?

Julia vs Python

Who uses Julia and What they are saying?

Installation and Package Management in Julia.

Basic Syntax (Println, readline, String handling)

Data Structures (Array, Tuple and Dictionary)

Conditions and Loops

Error Handling

File System Handling and DateTime Functions

Data Handling and Plotting

I am sure , once you do this course , you will have an edge over others.

Julia is called future python because of its speed and simplicity and integration with others.

Who this course is for:

  • Python Developer, New Programmer,
  • Someone who loves to explore Future Python

Course content