Intelligent Manufacturing System

Plan intelligent manufacturing system.

develop skills to adopt new manufacturing process.

Distinguish different intelligent manufacturing tools.

Suggest new procedures to improve the productivity of manufacturing systems

Develop a systematic approach for design and implementation of manufacturing systems


  • Basic Manufacturing system


The course starts with intelligence. This course will provide students with artificial intelligence (AI) techniques and its application in manufacturing systems. The course includes artificial intelligence, types of artificial intelligence, manufacturing system, Intelligent manufacturing tools, intelligent manufacturing steps and applications. The course describes the importance of artificial intelligence in the manufacturing system. Intelligent Manufacturing System provides a modern manufacturing system with integration of machines, processes, artificial intelligence which integrates the abilities of humans. The IMS (Intelligent Manufacturing System) processes the input, arranging the inputs and transforming the inputs into required (desired) output. IMS satisfies the two objectives: the first one is satisfying the product quality and the existing product process. Second objective is to continue with future products with automatic learning without changing the manufacturing system. For IMS the intelligent devices, intelligent processes, intelligent infrastructure, intelligent connectivity, integration with other devices are the required key elements. IMS is a flexible manufacturing system because when it completes the one product manufacturing automatically it switches to another product manufacturing. Intelligent Manufacturing System raises the product yield, quality and reduces the manufacturing time by maintaining the same quality for all products manufacturing batch. With the help of Intelligent Manufacturing System the owner or responsible members can link the manufacturing system status worldwide.

Who this course is for:

  • UG and PG students, PHD scholars, Industry persons
  • Any body who is interested to study

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