Getting Started With Test Automation Using Selenium

Understand the complete test flow and role of test automation

What, Why and How of test automation

Getting introduced to Selenium IDE and using it

Getting introduced to Selenium WebDriver and Grid

How to progress further on path of skill development in Selenium

Get Hands on with Selenium and be on way to becoming Selenium Test Automation Expert


  • Familiarity with using software


This course is about getting started with learning on test automation using Selenium. We will do a quick recap on what is a typical software test flow, like starting from requirements, testcase design, test execution, manual testing, writing automated test script, running automated test scripts. We will try to delve into what, why and how of test automation. In the light of all this we will look into how Selenium comes as a solution in solving some of the problems faced in testing. We will have introductory experience of Selenium IDE, WebDriver and Grid. Finally we will look into path to be taken going forward.

Who this course is for:

  • This course in meant as an introduction to software test flow and role of test automation.
  • This will help the software test engineers get a introductory perspective about using Selenium as an effective test automation tool

Course content

3 sections • 14 lectures • 1h 10m total lengthExpand all sections

Introduction4 lectures • 26min

  • Introduction11:14
  • Quiz1 question
  • Test Effort Estimation?07:38
  • Quiz1 question
  • What is the Problem? Solution?03:38
  • Quiz1 question
  • What, Why and How of Test Automation?03:07

Selenium5 lectures • 34min

  • Introduction to Selenium IDE and test automation using it05:58
  • Introduction to Selenium WebDriver and Selenium Grid10:44
  • Getting Hands On : Part-I07:29
  • Getting Hands On : Part-II07:21
  • Getting Hands On : Assignments02:50

Summing Up5 lectures • 11min

  • Introduction to Whiztrial & Summing Up04:02
  • Quiz & Assignment01:15
  • Opportunity for YOU04:17
  • Thank You00:52
  • Bonus00:27