Computer Vision with OpenCV Python | Official OpenCV Course

Get started with Computer Vision using OpenCV, the largest and most extensive Computer Vision library in the world!


  • Basic Knowledge of Python


Learn to use OpenCV for Computer Vision and AI in this official course for absolute beginners from OpenCV. You will learn and get exposed to a wide range of exciting topics like Image & Video Manipulation, Image Enhancement, Filtering, Edge Detection, Object Detection and Tracking, Face Detection, and the OpenCV Deep Learning Module.

This course helps you confidently take your very first steps in the exciting world of Computer Vision and AI. This field offers limitless opportunities in the Computer Vision and AI job market. Embark on this learning journey and welcome to the AI revolution!

Course Contents

Module 1: Getting Started with Images

Module 2: Basic Image Manipulation

Module 3: Image Annotation

Module 4: Arithmetic Operations on Images

Module 5: Bitwise Operations on Images

Module 6: Accessing the Camera

Module 7: Read and Write Videos

Module 8: Image Filtering and Edge Detection

Module 9: Image Features and Image Alignment

Module 10: Image Stitching and Creating Panoramas 

Module 11: Object Tracking in OpenCV

Module 12: Face Detection using Deep Learning

Module 13: Object Detection using Deep Learning

Module 14: Pose Estimation using OpenPose

Course Features

  • Designed By Industry Experts: This course in OpenCV and Python is for absolute beginners has been designed by our team of engineers and researchers, currently working in the field of Computer Vision and Deep Learning. This course will help you confidently take your very first steps into the exciting world of Computer Vision and AI.
  • Powered By Python: The programming language of choice for this short introductory course is Python, one of the most comprehensive and widely used languages in AI.
  • Foundational & Experiential Learning: This course will help you develop a broad and basic understanding and practice of the subject matter before committing to more structured formal learning paths from beginner to mastery levels that are available online through OpenCV.
  • Practical & Intuitive: The field of Computer Vision contains many theoretical underpinnings which can become a stumbling block for absolute beginners, especially, when courses contain heavy mathematics. With this in mind, we have created this ‘getting started’ course to provide you a wide exposure to this exciting field.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Python Developers eager to learn Computer Vision and Deep Learning

Course content

15 sections • 15 lectures • 1h 59m total length