Automating Web/Mobile/API applications with TestProject

Complete understanding of working with TestProject

Complete understanding of working with android app automation

Complete understanding of working with iOS app automation

Complete understanding of working with Web app automation

Working with advanced concepts of TestProject


  • Basic understanding on Web application automation with Selenium
  • Basic understanding on mobile application automation with Appium/Xamarin
  • Basic understanding of Java


Automating Web/Mobile/API applications with the TestProject course is designed to show the rich unified features TestProject has got.

TestProject is a Web-based automation testing platform that is aimed to test applications such as

  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS
  • API

In all the platforms such as

  • Windows 10
  • MacOS
  • Linux

The unique cross-platform power of TestProject differentiates itself from different automation toolsets available in the market.

TestProject is the first-ever tool to support running iOS mobile application testing from Windows or Linux environment, thanks to the modern Web service workers and Web platform to make it happen.

This course curriculum is aimed to cover all the different testing platform support from complete basic though advanced. As that said, this course covers topics such as

  • Automation iOS applications
    • Automate iOS Native application with Simulator
    • Automation iOS Native application with real device like iPhone X
  • Automation Android applications
    • Automate Android Native application with Emulator
    • Automation Android Native application with real device like OnePlus phone
  • Automation Web applications (Cross-browser support)
    • Understanding cross-browser testing with browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari
    • Understanding how to automate application in these browser
    • Understand how the code works
    • Understanding the simple record and playback and running the test
    • Understand the usage of test project in different scenarios
  • Understanding the power of the TestProject toolset
  • Extending TestProject with Addons
  • Extending Testcases with Page Object Models

Hope you will like the course this course is ever-growing, meaning, it will be updated every now and then whenever there is a new release of feature in TestProject

Who this course is for:

  • Developer
  • QA
  • DevOps

Course content

8 sections • 26 lectures • 4h 33m total lengthExpand all sections

Introduction3 lectures • 30min

  • Introduction11:48
  • Installing TestProject agent08:35
  • Top 5 distinguished features of TestProject09:16

Section 2 – Mobile automation testing for Android (Basic)4 lectures • 44min

  • Introduction and configuration15:17
  • Testing Hybrid Ionic Mobile Application with TestProject06:56
  • Managing and working with element locators15:14
  • Managing elements and applications06:39

Section 3 – Mobile automation testing for iOS (Basic)3 lectures • 28min

  • Introduction -> configuration -> quick run11:32
  • Testing application using Record and playback with TestProject on iPhone X06:55
  • Running iOS mobile app test from Windows 1009:17

Section 4 – Working with Test Data and handling test runs3 lectures • 30min

  • Working with test data parameterization09:35
  • Data Driven testing with CSV11:28
  • Working with Jobs08:59

Section 5 – Testcase Design and execution3 lectures • 29min

  • Working with Test case steps (detailed)12:16
  • Working with Test step types08:50
  • Calling Test within Test with TestProject for Mobile automation07:49

Testing web applications with TestProject (Basic)2 lectures • 20min

  • Testing web applications with TestProject using record and playback10:00
  • Cross browser testing with Jobs09:35

Working with Addons and Page Object Model in TestProject7 lectures • 1hr 19min

  • Working with Addons (Part 1)12:54
  • Creating custom Addons to click all menu items in menubar (Part 2)18:46
  • Testing custom Addons with runners and publishing Addon to TestProject15:00
  • Source code for custom Addons00:01
  • Coded Test in TestProject using Selenium Page Object Model (Part 1)13:34
  • Coded Test in TestProject using Selenium Page Object Model (Part 2)18:58
  • Source code for Page Object Model test00:01

Testproject vs Katalon1 lecture • 15min

  • Testproject vs Katalon studio14:41