Appium – Selenium for Mobile Automation Testing

You will know how to write test scripts using Appium

You will know how to identify identify various mobile elements using Appium

Yow will know how to work with Appium Grid

Best practices with Appium

Using Appium with TestNg, Maven, Ant, GitHub, Sauce Labs

Knowledge about various Test Automation Frameworks

Automate Mobile Applications (Native,Web & Hybrid)

How you should proceed automation frameworks using Appium


  • Understanding of Computers and Mobile apps
  • No prior knowledge of Java, everything will be covered in this course
  • Basic selenium will also be taught during the session
  • Lifetime instructor support to your querries


Appium provides an excellent platform for supporting mobile application automation testing. An easy to use tool, the Appium provides excellent opportunities for those who wants to move to mobile testing space.

A recent global study has indicated that there will be a huge demand for mobile test automation engineers and Big IT companies are looking forward to hire well trained Appium automation testers. It is a relatively new field and there are vast opportunities for testers who are trained in Appium from a good trainer.

After going through these lectures you should be able to master the Mobile automation testing using Appium APIs

Are you a manual/web automation tester who wants to start automating mobile apps?

Or maybe you’re seeking a raise or even a career change?

Huge student in very short time as compared to other years old courses.

This Appium course will be covering from very basic Selenium to the Expert Level.

During the course to explain all ways of interacting with Mobile Apps either Native or Hybrid or WebApp. Covering each topics with real examples on real devices.

During course will be covering all best practices used with Appium i.e TestNG, Maven, Ant to be name few. Covering all popular frameworks available i.e Page Object Model, Data Drivern Framework.

Will be updating new videos whenever new features/API is added to Appium so that you are always update in Market.

No other course on Udemy covers in depth topic on Appium.

This course covers:

  • Hybrid Apps, Native Apps and WebApps
  • Concept of UIAutomator
  • Drawbacks and Limitatiions
  • Download and Configure Android on local machine
  • Understanding difference between Api level and Android version
  • Configuring appium on Simulator
  • Downloading/Configuring Appium, Selenium from Maven/POM dependencies
  • How to get Apk file, AppActivityName and AppPackage for any application
  • Using Android UI Automator’sUISelector() and its functions
  • Using UI Automator in Compressed layout
  • Finding selected Elements
  • Finding elements by text using AndroidUIAutomator commands
  • Launching XML View from WebDriver
  • Android key events like home, backspace, delete etc
  • Web Application Testing
  • All tools and concepts needs for Selenium automation
  • Appium examples with multiple apps
  • Appium Grid
  • Preparation for Appium interview
  • Integration of Jenkins with Appium for Continuous Integration
  • Maven Appium
  • Page Object Model
  • Appium with Sauce Labs
  • Appium and testng framework
  • Appium with Git Repository

Important information before you enroll:

  • In case you find the course useless for your career, don’t forget you are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee, full refund, no questions asked!
  • Once enrolled, you have unlimited, lifetime access to the course!
  • You will have instant and free access to any updates I’ll add to the course.
  • I will give you my full support regarding any issues or suggestions related to the course.
  • Check out the curriculum and FREE lectures for a course preview.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to move from Manual Testing or Web Automationto Automation Testing
  • Professionals working with Appium, to be expert in Appium
  • Web Automaters using other tools QTP etc, and wants to switch to mobile automation jobs
  • Freshers who all wants to boost there startup carrier with Appium
  • Any kind of IT geeks who wish to learn Appium for mobile automation
  • Software tester, QA Engineer, Test Engineers, Test Automation Engineers, QA Manager, QA Lead, Test Lead

Course content

16 sections • 182 lectures • 30h 52m total lengthExpand all sections

Appium Basics3 lectures • 20min

  • Introduction01:53
  • Appium or Selendroid06:51
  • Appium Architecture11:34

Windows – Install Appium and pre-requites9 lectures • 1hr 23min

  • Install Java05:41
  • Install Eclipse06:50
  • Configuring Javadocs to Eclipse06:58
  • Install Apk04:36
  • Install Apk other methods07:45
  • Install Appium Part 115:01
  • Install Appium Part 214:28
  • Install Appium Part 315:30
  • Install Appium Part 406:17

Windows – Launching Appium4 lectures • 52min

  • Appium Native and WebView Context16:34
  • Appium App Package – Activity06:28
  • Appium Capabilities Part 117:05
  • Appium Capabilities Part 212:21

Windows – Appium Identify Elements42 lectures • 5hr 43min

  • Working with UI Automator Part 114:10
  • Working with UI Automator Part 207:29
  • Finding Element Part 115:10
  • Finding Element Part 206:44
  • Find Element Script2 pages
  • Finding multiple Elements Part 117:05
  • Find Element Part 1 Script2 pages
  • Finding multiple Elements Part 210:27
  • Find Element Part 2 Script2 pages
  • Exploring UiSelector Part 120:08
  • Exploring UiSelector Part 214:56
  • UiSelector Script3 pages
  • WebElements Inside WebElement Part 117:46
  • Inside Elements 1 Script2 pages
  • WebElements Inside WebElement Part 213:54
  • Inside Elements 2 Script2 pages
  • Tapping and Clicking Elemets17:16
  • Tapping Script2 pages
  • Press and Long Press18:45
  • Press WebElement Script2 pages
  • Swipe and Scroll by Element Part 119:51
  • Swipe and Scroll by Element Part 217:27
  • Scroll-Swipe By Element Script3 pages
  • Swipe Screen Part 120:12
  • Swipe Screen Part 212:19
  • Swipe Screen2 pages
  • Drag and Drop15:21
  • Drag and Drop Script2 pages
  • Toggle Buttons08:52
  • Toggle Script2 pages
  • Handling Checkboxes and Radio Button07:39

Windows – Automating Web Apps7 lectures • 58min

  • Android User Agents Part 110:09
  • Android User Agents Part 211:08
  • Working with Browser Part 110:11
  • Working with Browser Part 212:45
  • Automating Browser Script2 pages
  • Automate Udemy13:17
  • Automate Udemy Script2 pages

Windows – Appium Android Examples12 lectures • 1hr 30min

  • Appium Calling Number Part 115:10
  • Appium Calling Number Part 208:44
  • Appium Calling Number Script1 page
  • Appium WhatsApp Part 120:01
  • Appium WhatsApp Part 214:22
  • Working with Calculator08:12

Windows – Appium on Emulator4 lectures • 35min

  • Difference between Emulator and Simulator05:16
  • Making Android Emulator10:24
  • Emulator Script2 pages
  • Automating on Emulator Example19:30

Appium Miscellaneous1 lecture • 8min

  • Connect Appium over Wifi07:53

Framework Part 1 – TestNG27 lectures • 4hr 39min

Framework Part 2 – Maven4 lectures • 59min

Jenkins9 lectures • 2hr 10min

Automation Framework Basics9 lectures • 1hr 20min