Build REST APIs with Python and Django Training Course


Django and Django REST Framework

  • Templating, routing, forms, and authentication
  • Constructs for code scaling
  • Database management

The Fundamentals of APIs and Their Functionality

  • Scalar types
  • Web Architecture Patterns: the composite pattern, proxy pattern, and facade pattern

REST Overview

  • Get option
  • Pull option
  • Post option
  • Delete option

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Installing Python
  • Installing and configuring Django and Django REST Framework
  • Setting up a version control system
  • Setting up a development server with Docker

Creating a Basic Python Application with Django

  • Building a new project
  • Testing and committing changes
  • Creating a database model
  • Syncing the database with migrations
  • Enabling admins

APIViews and Viewsets

  • Adding URL configuration
  • Creating and testing an APIView
  • Adding methods to an APIView
  • Creating and testing a Viewset
  • Adding functions to a Viewset

Endpoints and Authentication

  • Adding management and management user endpoints
  • Creating APIViews
  • Adding token APIs
  • Testing for API validity

Deployment on a Cloud Based Server

  • Adding a key pair
  • Creating a server instance
  • Implementing deployment scripts
  • Deploying changes

Summary and Conclusion

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