Automating Twitter using Python, Tweepy and Building a Bot

Learn Basics About Python Automation

Learn how to Programatically work with Twitter using Tweepy

Learn To Build Twitter Bot With Tweepy

Develop a Basic BOT using Tweepy

Learn how to set up and sign up for Twitter Developers Program


  • Basic Understanding of Python and Python Development Environments


Learn how to Automate Twitter using Python, Tweepy And the Twitter API.  Using the most popular programming language (Python) we cover the basics from set up to creating your first bot! A class for all levels and hobbyist in Python Automation.

In this class we cover…

  • Signing up for Twitter and the Developer
  • Setting up Python and Tweepy
  • Programatically working with Twitter (Search, Trends, Like, Follow, Retweet, and More)
  • Build a Simple bot to Find and Like Tweets for a specific keyword

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Python Students
  • Python Automation Enthusiast

Course content

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