AI automated Investing using Robo advisors (complete guide)

How Robo advisors outperform the investing strategies of human investors and financial advisors using: AI, Modern Portfolio Theory, Automated risk management

Free download and use of investment analysis software: “Portfolio Performance”, which allows tracking and evaluating the performance of both our entire portfolio and its individual assets

How Robo advisors use ETFs as building blocks of well diversified portfolios instead of just picking individual stocks & bonds

How Robo advisors make optimized investment decisions based on quantitative data instead of human emotions like fear & greed

24/7 Investment Portfolio automation through: Portfolio rebalancing & Tax-loss harvesting (examples included)

Automated daily market research to spot best buy & sell opportunities by Robo advisors

Wide collection of asset classes for your Robo advisor to choose from: Stocks, bonds, Commodities, Real estate property, Cash, Precious metals and more

Available access to innovative & exclusive investment opportunities such as: smart beta ETFs, socially responsible investments, private equity

Let the algorithm of Robo advisor build portfolios that track famous market indexes like S&P 500, Dow Jones etc.

Use Yahoo! Finance to follow the price development of assets and indexes you are interested in

Use ETF(dot)com to perform “X-Ray” Scans of various ETFs for free

Gain valuable insights & infographics for any ETF regarding: Top 10 sectors, Top 10 holdings, average annual yield history, risk rating etc. (respective percentages inlcuded)

Case studies of 4 real-world portfolios: Conservative, Moderate, Aggressive and Bonus portfolio with high-tech stocks by a prominent Robo advisor (Files with all necessary data included)

Learn to read and interpret Key & Risk indicators along with the overall return of portfolios

Learn to buy & sell assets in “Portfolio Performance” (stock market portfolio simulator)

Read live Price development charts, and visual asset allocation diagrams of Holdings in “Portfolio Performance”

Determine and calculate the percentage of portfolio’s exposure to assets, using the Market Cap criterion, while managing risk at the same time

Extensive and detailed benchmarking of the Top 10 Robo advisors in the market (unbiased presentation)

Benchmarking categories of Robo advisors include: Portfolio rebalancing, Tax-loss harvesting, Portfolio structure, Compatible accounts, Human financial advisor support, Minimum deposit, Management fees, Investment fees, Account fees, Cash management strategy

Demystifying investing terms like: Tax-loss harvesting, Direct indexing, Fractional shares, Tax-smart strategies, Portfolio rebalancing, Drifting limit


  • Basic familiarity with MS Excel
  • The course offers investing approach to AI, no coding lectures are given


During the last decade, the sector of automated investing using Robo advisors has been growing at an increasing rate, and is projected to reach $7 trillion dollars in assets under management by 2025.

The main force behind this growth is the expanding number of investors who decide to invest their money using these online platforms.

The underlying technology of AIdeep learning and sophisticated algorithms, enable Robo advisors to outperform the investing strategies of individual retail investors, as well as the excessive fees of human financial advisors.

To do so, Robo advisors are constantly scanning the stock market trying to spot new opportunities. At the same time, they buy and sell stocks, based on their price movements in order to increase the returns for the investor. As an extra boost, they minimize taxes payable by following tax-smart processes.

During the course, we will examine the weak spots of individual investors and human financial advisors and how the technology of Robo advisors exploits them to gain competitive advantages over them.

As we continue, we will go through the fundamental operations performed by Robo advisors, such as automatic portfolio rebalancing and tax-loss harvesting. Getting familiar with these terms will later make us able to understand in depth the services offered by each Robo advisor firm.

Next, we will see a highly detailed benchmarking of the 10 hottest Robo advisors available in the market. This comparative assessment will give us all the necessary insights to decide which Robo advisor satisfies our investing needs and enables us to achieve our financial goals in the best way possible. Such goals might be:

  • Sending your kid to college
  • Buying a new house
  • Retiring early
  • Watching your portfolio grow at an exponential rate year over year
  • Or… just paying off an old debt

In the final section of the course, we will go through real case studies tracking and evaluating the performance of 3+1 real-world portfolios, built by a prominent Robo advisor, that cover every type of investor.

To do so, we will learn how to use the superb investment analysis tool: “Portfolio Performance” which is free to download and use.

“Portfolio Performance” allows us to track the price development of every stock in our portfolio, as well as the overall performance of our portfolio as a whole. In addition, the software provides us with numerous charts and indicators which in turn help us visualize market data and monitor our investments effectively, for free.

You got nothing to worry about, as the course is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. Feel free to have a look at the open modules!

Wait no more, hit the enroll button and start your journey in AI automated investing, NOW!



(not a financial advisor)

Who this course is for:

  • Individuals interested in adopting new technology trends to disrupt “business as usual” investing to their advantage

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