Advanced iOS Development Training Course


Advanced iOS Development

  • iOS enterprise architecture
  • Design patterns
  • Protocol oriented programming

RxSwift Framework

  • Functional programming vs reactive programming
  • Reactive extensions

Alamofire Networking Library

  • Platform-as-a-Service
  • Web services and Alamofire

Advanced Swift and Protocol Programming

  • Using enumerations
  • Developing protocols
  • Working with delegates
  • Writing protocol extensions
  • Creating recursive functions
  • Working with data structures and algorithms

Reactive Programming in Swift with RxSwift

  • Implementing observables and subscriptions
  • Using subjects
  • Filtering, transforming, and combining operators
  • Integrating and working with RxCoaCoa
  • Implementing MVVM
  • Debugging and handling errors


  • Integrating Alamofire into Swift
  • Importing files
  • Retrieving data
  • Optimizing PhotoTagger

Unit and UI Testing

  • Unit Testing in Swift
  • UI testing in Swift

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