Python CLI Chat Using Langchain

Interact with Large Language Models using Python.

Learn the basics of setting up a prompt for LLM’s.

Use agents to get current information through tools we define to assist our LLM.

Add memory to a LLM so it is able to have context.


  • No programming experience needed. You should be able to set up a code editor such as Visual Studio Code.


This beginner-level course is designed to provide participants with an introduction to the world of Large Language Model (LLM’s) application development. Through the utilization of Python and the Langchain frame framework, learners will embark on a transformative journey, mastering the art of crafting a highly interactive CLI app reminiscent of the seamless Chat GPT experience.

Throughout the course, participants will delve into the core principles and techniques of working with the LangChain framework, and building a foundation in CLI development. Guided by a passionate instructor, learners will be introduced to the Langchain frame framework, basic Python and the process of CLI app creation.

The course places significant emphasis on the integration of agents and memory within the CLI application. By assimilating agents, learners will empower their Language Model (LLM) to harness the vast information available on the internet.

Upon completion of the course, participants will possess a basicunderstanding of Python programming concepts, adeptness in CLI development, and fluency in utilizing the Langchain frame framework. Additionally, they will have honed the necessary skills to construct a fully functional command line interface app with engaging interactive features comparable to the exceptional capabilities of Chat GPT. By skillfully integrating agents and memory, participants will equip their LLM with the prowess to explore the internet, amplifying its knowledge-seeking capabilities.

This course welcomes beginners with no prior programming experience, making it accessible to individuals from various backgrounds. However, a basic level of computer literacy and familiarity with the command line interface is recommended to fully engage with the course material.

Join me on this captivating journey into the realm of CLI app development, where you will unlock the potential of Python, Langchain, and the limitless possibilities of interactive command line experiences.

Note: Participants are expected to have basic computer literacy and familiarity with the command line interface. and setting up a code editor.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is designed for beginners. In the course we use Python with the Langchain frame framework to create a command line interface app that is similar to using Chat GPT.

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