Python 3 Crash Course

A high intensity Python 3 crash course for existing programmers who want to learn Python


  • WARNING: This is a FAST PACE course
  • This course is for you already know an existing programming language
  • If you are BRAND NEW to Python this course IS NOT for you


Hello and welcome to the Python 3 Crash Course, 2020 edition! 

This is a high intensity training course for programmers who already know another programming language. If you know Java, C, PHP, JavaScript, or any other language and want to make the leap tp Python.. this is the course for you! 

In this course you’ll learn several Python topics very quickly. We’ll start at the very beginning and install Python, execute a .py file from our command line, explore basic math and work with Python variables.

Then we’ll move onto Python data structures, indexing strings and lists, formatting methods, and file management files.

Lastly we’ll learn about conditionals, loops, list comprehensions, functions, OOP, error handling and Python packages.

If you’re a beginner and you’re brand new to Python, that’s OK. You can still take this course and get a one hour high level overview of what Python can do and how to write Python. But people who will get the most from this course are intermediate developers or developers from other programming languages who want to learn Python.

Otherwise, let’s dive in! 

Who this course is for:

  • Programmers who already know a programming language
  • Intermediate Python developers who already know the basics
  • Anyone who wants a 1 hour Python 3 crash course

Course content

2 sections • 24 lectures • 58m total length