Decoding GPT

Understanding the background and concept of GPT

How to use chat GPT

How to create custom bot using GPT

Future of Generative AI


  • No programming skills required


Are you still wondering what ChatGPT is all about?  Why some people are calling it the ‘steam engine’ moment in AI history? Will it change our future in a significant way?

This basic course in ‘Decoding GPT’ may help you answer some of the above questions. You dont need any technical or coding background to know the basic fundamentals covered in the course. This course is designed for functional consultants, product managers as well as developers and architects.

The course covers the basic theory of language and why it is difficult for computers. It covers chronologically the scientific progress made in natural language processing. It explains the pre-GPT era using statistical models and later using neural networks like RNN. The recent development in chat GPT has fundamentally changed this knowledge area.

The course talks about the theory behind transformers and how they can handle the natural language tasks so well. The course also has hands-on sessions on the use of Chat GPT and the GPT APIs to create our own custom applications. In the final section the course talks about the future of GPT and how these tools can eventually lead to the creation of artificial general intelligence.

This course is for beginners and no background in computers or AI is required.

Who this course is for:

  • Business executives, Software application developers

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