Cryptocurrencies | Earning Passive Income

What is passive income?

What are the sources of passive income?

What is Cryptocurrency trading?

Is there a safe, risk-free, and profitable method of trading crypto?

Discussion on the crypto trading platform(s)

Artificial intelligent crypto trading


  • A computer and/or smartphone


Let’s look at some questions first:

Do you want to earn some passive income?

Do you want to earn this income with minimum to no risk involved?

Do you want to earn this income automatically with almost no involvement?

Do you want to trade cryptocurrencies?

Do you want to trade crypto with no experience or knowledge of the charts, trends, and patterns?

Do you want an artificially intelligent bot to trade for you?

If the answer to any/all of the above questions is yes, then you have come to the right course.

The main motive behind this course is to show you an excellent method of trading cryptocurrencies with zero knowledge of the crypto, plus with almost no risk involved. As you may already know that cryptocurrencies are very volatile, that’s why it is not easy to understand the trends and charts. However, there are experts who clearly understand these patterns and have been earning millions of dollars. As a common person with little knowledge of cryptos, we always wish to be a part of this profit earning trade but are reluctant.

This is the reason that I have come up with this course. I am not a financial advisor and would not give you any financial advice. I have designed this course just because I have also started trading crypto using the method(s) that I will teach you in this course. So far, it has been earning me regular and consistent profit. The AI bot that I am using is trading cryptos for me every second, and even do so when I am asleep. This means that I am not actively involved in the process of this trade because the artificially intelligent bot (with no human emotions) is doing it to me.

I am confident, that this course will help you learn how to earn passively by trading crypto using an artificially intelligent bot.


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn Crypto trading in a risk-free method

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