Add Natural Language Processing AI power to App by LUIS API

Integrate Natural Language Processing in App by Microsoft Cognitive Services Language Understanding Intelligent Service


  • Experience as a C# .NET developer
  • Create a chatbot using Bot Builder SDK (Basic Level)
  • Visual Studio 2015/2017 Community Edition
  • Bot Framework Emulator
  • Azure Subscription
  • LUIS account


Why you should enroll for this course?

Artificial Intelligence (AI)  is going to be a core component of traditional applications.

Microsoft Cognitive Service APIs like LUIS API enables developers to build custom machine learning language model.

Artificial Intelligence in the form of Cognitive APIs like Language Understanding Intelligent Service (Natural Language Processing – NLP enables application to process natural language.

AI powered Chatbot with natural language processing capabilities will dominate traditional web and mobile app.

Microsoft Cognitive Service APIs like LUIS API is product of Artificial Intelligence, created using Machine Learning specially by Active Learning (Semi-Supervised Learning – SSL).

Course Includes:

Briefly introduced:

  • Overview of Microsoft Cognitive Services
  • Overview of Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS)

LUIS Basic concept:

Every concept of LUIS building block is explained with real-world example and hands on coding supported by extensive code walk-through

  • What is LUIS modelIntent?
  • What is entity (simple, pre-built, hierarchical, composite, list)?
  • How a list entity helps to increase entity detection?
  • What is features in machine learning?
  • What is phrase list and how phrase list helps to improve LUIS performance?  
  • How phrase list and list entity differs and when to use which one?

Design the custom LUIS model 

Designing of custom LUIS model includes every concept and building block of LUIS with a real world use case.

  • Identifying  model and Intent.
  • Identifying entities.
  • Identifying phrase list.
  • Identifying utterances and typo/misspelling consideration.

Build the custom LUIS model 

  • Build the LUIS model by creating LUIS model, intent, entities.
  • Adding utterances to intent and labeling the entities.

Followed by

  • Train and Test the LUIS model (interactive testing)
  • Create Bing Spell Check API in Azure portal
  • Adding Bing Spell Check API to correct typo/misspelling from user query/utterances.
  • Create Azure LUIS API in Azure portal and get endpoint key (with free/paid tier).
  • Publishing to HTTP endpoint using this endpoint key
  • How LUIS  improves its performance using Phrase List and by active learning  – review endpoint utterances.
  • Build the LUIS model with prebuilt domain model: from model training, testing and publishing to HTTP endpoint; Integrating with IOT App.
  • Demonstrationintegration of LUIS model with chabot  and IOT app — debugging and code walk-through on how LUIS gets natural language from apps and parse query and get back to chatbot and web app. 
  • Bonus LectureImprove LUIS model performance using phrase list and reviewing the endpoint utterances.

Who this course is for:

  • Developer/Decision maker wants to integrate natural language processing AI capabilities in Chatbot or IOT app Microsoft Cognitive Services LUIS API
  • C# and .NET Developers passionate about new technology and wants to up skill by learning/implementing Microsoft Cognitive Services LUIS API
  • College students who passionate to explore and shape their career in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing
  • Existing Python, Java,JavaScript, Node js, PHP, Ruby developer who wants to integrate natural language processing AI capabilities in application Microsoft Cognitive Services LUIS API
  • Developer/Decision maker who wants to create custom machine learning model without help of data scientist.

Course content

14 sections • 78 lectures • 3h 25m total length