Best Practical Java TDD(Test Driven Development)with JUnit 5

Fully understand Java TDD(Test Driven Development)

Fully understand TDD Three Phases(Red-Green-Refactor) workflow

Hands-on Arithmetic Expression Implementation

Fully understand Java Stack Data Structure


  • Java Development Experiences
  • JUnit 5 Experiences
  • Apache Maven


This course is a TDD best practical tutorial, i will tutorial the TDD concepts at the second section by high level and details explain development work flow. TDD provides several benefits:

  1. It can enable faster innovation and continuous delivery because the code is robust.
  2. It makes your code flexible and extensible. The code can be refactored or moved with minimal risk of breaking code.
  3. The tests themselves were tested. A key characteristic of a test is that it can fail, and the development team verifies that each new test fails.
  4. The code that is  designed easy to test.
  5. The requirements are implemented with little to no wasted effort because only the function that will be implement.

At the third and fourth section we implement the arithmatic expression by three version

  1. string textual split
  2. regular expression
  3. Stack with infix to postfix and then evaluate

finally we will implement the result of: (13 + 4) * 2 + 3^2 = ?

Test Driven Development (TDD) is software development approach in which test cases are developed to specify and validate what the code will do.

Test-Driven Development starts with designing and developing tests for every small functionality of an application.

TDD rooted in extreme programming(XP), and is one of the best pracitice of  Agile methodology.

Who this course is for:

  • Java Developer
  • Java Develop Engineer
  • Scala/Koltin/Clojure Develop Engineer

Course content

5 sections • 19 lectures • 1h 42m total lengthExpand all sections

Introduction1 lecture • 2min

  • Course Introduction01:47

TDD(Test Driven Development) Introduction3 lectures • 8min

  • What is TDD?01:16
  • Red-Green-Refactor phase introduction02:58
  • TDD development workflow explanation03:29

TDD Practice Arithmetic Expression (Regular Expression) Version 1,26 lectures • 39min

  • Arithmetic Expression API Skeleton design03:23
  • Develop unit test code(Red Phase)05:01
  • Develop SimpleExpression let unit testing pass(Green Phase)05:40
  • Rethink the source code and test code(Refactor)10:12
  • Append more test cases re-enter Red Phase05:04
  • Enhancement source code let unit testing pass(Green Phase)09:51

TDD Practice Arithmetic Expression(Stack & Postfix)Version 38 lectures • 54min

  • Append new more complex requirements re-enter Red Phase02:30
  • Implement Stack<T> data structure08:19
  • Infix to Postfix algorithm detailed explanation09:13
  • Infix to Postfix algorithm implementation11:15
  • Infix to Postfix algorithm implementation simple validation03:15
  • Postfix expression algorithm detailed explanation05:40
  • Postfix expression algorithm implementation08:58
  • Execution test cases verify complex arithmetic expression function04:26

Appendix1 lecture • 1min

  • Course source code and ppt00:02

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